Due to high risk family members please CALL first regarding dropping off/picking up/etc. We are closed to walk-in customers. We are open and able to do business in as safe a manner as we can, thank you.

Common Questions

1. What should the compression be on my motor?
Answer:  There is no set number, you want them even, within 5 lbs.

2. How much oil do I put in my gas tank?
Answer: For a 50:1 mixture, 16oz. or 1 pint oil to 6 gallons of gas.

3. Can I start my motor out of water?
Answer: Never, always run your motor on a hose or in a bucket.

4. Will any old prop work on my motor?
Answer: No, propping is a major issue when dealing with the performance of a boat. On any motor the prop is how you change gears. Important factors are elevation, boat/motor size, load in the boat, purpose (skiing or fishing). Some boat owners will need three different props depending on where they boat. The prop is used to get the motor to run at the proper wide open throttle range. You do not want to lug the motor. Generally, as you go up in elevation, the pitch of the prop will go down. A rough number is every 3,000 ft. change in elevation is a prop change. A prop used at sea level will not perform at Georgetown Lake.

5. How much is my boat worth?
Answer: There are many factors that determine the value of a boat/motor/trailer. Some of these factors are age, condition, is there salt damage, squishy floor, type/brand of motor, are parts available, demand, aluminum or fiberglass, has it been winterized properly, etc.

6. How much does a tune-up cost for my boat?
Answer: Could be any amount from $50 to $1,000. A tune-up can include carb work, lower unit reseal, water pump impeller, coils, wheel bearings and lights, oil changes, throttle/shift cables, etc. Every boat and motor is different and there is no set number!

7. What is our labor rate per hour?
Answer: $120.00/hr.

8. How soon can you work on my boat?
Answer: We work on a first come first serve basis. For special circumstances we do appointments at our discretion. DO NOT wait til the week before your family vacation to bring your boat in!! In the middle of summer we are sometimes 2 months out. DO your boat/motor maintenance in the winter/fall.

9. Should I buy this used boat?
Answer: Have it checked out first. Go for a boat ride and make sure it does what you want it to do.

10. Can you work on my  Mercury outboard?
Answer: Mostly, no. During our busy season, we cannot take time away from our main lines of motor repair. Occasionally, in the winter we may take on a Mercury or two.
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